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    Scale Up it's a project that offers an innovative training program and certification for young leaders, assessment of useful skills for professional development through volunteerism and a process of continuous improvement of social projects. Intermedia and Cooperación Internacional aimed at improving the impact of organizations active in the field of youth, ensuring that this contributes to reducing youth unemployment. For this purpose, this course focus proposing to volunteer projects in order to develop social and emotional skills required by their communities and the labor market.

    Niños Protagonistas presentation at Link Campus University in Rome








    Last Wednesday, December 16 at the University Link Campus University,we held the conference "The Youngs and the risky society. The future, and the present " along with the presentation of the project Niños Protagonistas. The opening work, was on charge of the President of the University, Prof. Vincenzo Scotti, who has expressed the proximity of the University to the project and full cooperation in its implementation.
    The President addressed a warm greeting to the promoters of the initiative NGOs, the NGOs and the ELIS NGO Intermedia, always at the forefront - said Scotti - in defending the rights of children, promoting values ​​and training of excellence with its activities and initiatives.
    This was followed by the authoritative contributions of Dr. Annachiara Moltoni vice president of the NGO Centro ELIS, which presented the project showing significant data: 7 out of 10 children Salvadorans said they had suffered some form of violence, and intra / or outside the family, sexual / physical or verbal, and about 30% of child abuse was committed by mothers, which repeat the violence they endure over their children, in turn, by their husbands. "It's enabled, a network of social protection of children, within the intra and extra family practices to reduce violence against children and adolescents. The children involved in the project have gained a greater awareness of their rights, developing their capacity for action in the family and in society, and receiving support and support in the process of social reintegration. "
    Then Professor. Reynando Rivera, secretary general of the NGO Intermedia, deepened the concept of primary prevention of violence, and discussed how big data enabling to constantly monitor has important results that the project is gathering in El Salvador.

    This was followed by the interesting intervention of Prof. Serenella Pesarin, former general Director of the Ministry of Justice, an expert psychologist and professor of education at the University LUMSA of Rome, and that has interacted with the audience asking different questions. Professor emphasized the importance of identity, explaining how the youth problems today is the origin of violent behavior for many boys, generating even deviant behavior with different connotations than in the past: "Globalization has led to presence of children in conflict with the law in our country and do not have Italian citizenship. The presence of the Latin gangs in Italy it is a significant and troubling testimony. "


    Prof. Marco Gemignani from Duquesne University has also discussed the issue of migration and children left alone while Professor Anna Maria Cossiga, program leader of the Degree in Political Science and International Relations, from Link Campus University, addressed the issue concerning the "sisters of ISIS", analyzing the relationship between women and terrorism.


    Professor Marica Spalletta, professor of media and politics: Political systems and techniques of communication, it is instead focused on the idea of ​​the media as a "frame" of social relations.


    The issue of global migration has been addressed with the intervention Dr. Maria Soledad Balsas member of CONICET and RCAI.


    The findings have been entrusted to Giuseppe Testa, communications expert for the project Niños Protagonistas and member of the Youth Advisory Board of Intermedia who spoke of the communication campaign going on in El Salvador.

    A heartfelt thanks goes to the University Link Campus University who hosted the meeting, prof. Nicola Ferrigni Professor of Sociology at the University for the timely intervention of moderation, and to the distinguished speakers who, with their testimony, have given voice to the many children from El Salvador that today, unfortunately, suffer violence. Many young people have joined the initiative by taking part in the meeting and bringing their contribution, culturally enriching the debate. A positive sign of awareness that must start from the young people, because the University, after the family, is the place where the character of the individual is shaped and where we find our call to lead the society in which we live with responsibility.


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