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  El perfil de los futuros emprendedores. Competencias y estilos de vida.


  Civic and Political Participation of Children and Adolescents: A Lifestyle Analysis for Positive Youth Developmental Programs


   The accessibility of justice-related concepts can validate intentions to punish


  Violent audiovisual content and social consequences; The modereting role of agression in adolescents


   Consumo de pornografia online y offline en adolescentes colombianos


  Statement on Youth Social Action and Character Development


   Generations of Millennials 


   Children's well-being in Europe: some socio-economic and psychological indicators on the issue


  Social movements and revolutions: the power of relationships and digital affections 


  Adaptation and validation to Spanish of the servant leadership short scale


   Voluntariado Sin Excusas


   Mapa Mundial de la Familia 2014


    World Family Map 2014


    The book of european responsible citizenship 2010


    Adolescentes con cultura El Salvador


    Las 4 generaciones del nuevo milenio


    The 5 common values