noviembre 2, 2019

El CEO de InterMedia, PhD Reynaldo Rivera, publicó un nuevo artículo científico titulado "Exploring Data Driven Youth Character Education Frameworks: A Systematic Literature Review on Learning Analytics Models and Participatory Design".

Character development requires not only high-quality curriculums, but also educators who are able to adapt programs to learners’ needs and context and staff development strategies. Big data and learning analytics strategies may improve youth character development especially in developing countries facilitating educators’ development and practical wisdom, as well as curriculum implementation’s effectiveness in countries with less knowhow in the issue. This study presents a systematic mapping literature review on the models and methods of learning analytics applied in the improvement of youth character education. Based on the literature review results, the research provides insights for future research and implementation of character education programs, and proposes a revised participatory knowledge management data-driven procedure that may facilitate educators to identify and undertake the best character formation actions in specific situations.

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