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Il programma è particolarmente utile per le persone che lavorano o desiderano lavorare in:
  • Single parents
  • Professionals working for single parents
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Employers of single parents
  • Policy Makers
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    New Horizons for Parents and Employers

    Across Europe, more and more one-parent families are living in poverty. Stronger Families aims to help parents improve their skills and/or progress to, or stay in, employment. We also work closely with professionals and employers to help achieve these goals.
    Program for parents
    We have developed two programmes for single parents- New Horizons Personal Development Programme for Parents and New Horizons at Work: Lone Parent Employees. Click

    here to read more about these programmes.
    Program for professionals
    Our programmes equip professionals and employers with the underpinning knowledge and understanding to work with single parents and support them on their learning journey. We have developed two programmes for professionals and employers- New Horizons Professional Development Programme and New Horizons at Work: Employers. Click here to read more about these programmes.


    Programmes for employers- Link .

    Programmes for parents – Link .

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